1. Grand Superior

From the recording Act One

Vocals: Patricia Summersett

Piano: Nick Carpenter

Upright Bass: Pierre Gaudreault
Drums: Jean-Philippe Godbout
Violin: Ariane Gruet-Pelchat
Cello: Sheila Hannigan
Produced by Patricia Summersett, Nick Carpenter and Don Murnaghan
Recording/ Mixing: Don Murnaghan at Studio Frisson, Montreal Qc
Mastering: Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering, Montreal,Qc.
©Summersett 2015


Grand Superior

I dream of white cities dark country roads
One leads to the other and you are there
The light it is brilliant the smell is green
Stop breathing to listen to hear you

This land contains something I don't understand
We try to contain it but it's only sand
Slips through my hand a strand of your hair
Caught in the wind I feel you

Will it break me

I mourn in the light firestorm dawn
It's gone in a moment gone to the sun
The waves and the birds a wind's love affair
Caught in this figure I feel you

And what can I have but this moment
Will it break me

This shore contains something I now understand
Walking alone I know it's your hand
Clouds take the sky gone the still air
Wind strips them back and I'm falling

Crossing this lake is like crossing the world
I will drown trying thinking of you
The nightwater's in me I'm sinking no air
Stop breathing to see you and stars are

And what can I have but this moment

Will it break me

©Summersett 2015