Montreal River

From the Montreal River where the Grey beast waits
to embrace in its mouth our decay and I know

In this place there is nothing we can do or say
that would make as much sense as a harbor of snow

and the eagle thrives here they say
and the crow brings night across the bay
We will all fall here one day
so we fly anyway

I know, I know
its you
and I know I knew

I can see from the water where the rocks lay years
Layered sand, layered time, colored cakes in a cliff and

you in the agate your reflection shines
pour open more rub me hard make us smooth

In my wrinkles you will find all things
and the tree makes time a ring
tell me without saying
and we'll fly anyway

I know, I know
its you
And I know I knew


I know, I know
It’s you
and I know

I'm Home

Lyrics ©Summersett 2013